How To Make A Woman Orgasm – She Might Want More Then You Think

There are many guys that wonder why women have a hard time having orgasms. This is because those same guys usually don’t know what stimulates these females. When learning how to make a woman orgasm, you have to actually pay attention to them and pay attention to reactions and such. There are two main things that I will emphasize, which are emotional stimulation and foreplay. Those two elements will give you almost guaranteed success when learning how to make a woman orgasm. One thing you must understand though, is that all women are different and react different. This is why you need to adapt.

Emotion is the key to success, when attempting to learn how to make a woman orgasm. If you think about it, when anyone masturbates they think about fantasies and other scenarios, not tile texture and feel. This goes hand in hand with a females orgasm. They must be relaxed comfortable enough with you in order to let go. The best way to start and stimulate her mind is way before you enter the bedroom. This means on a hot date.

Out On A Hot Date
When you are out on a date, no matter what you believe, she will notice EVERYTHING. This means even if it is your 52nd date. You want to make her feel special, tell her she is beautiful and rid her of her insecurities. Make her feel like you are there for her and you want only her. Let her know about your fantasies, show her that you are willing to open up to her and she will be more and more attracted to you. Seduce her with your words without offending her and rile her up with a tease or two. Have confidence, and subliminally show her that you know how to make a woman orgasm. You want to give her an emotional ride around town. Not a sad or angry ride, but a comfortable horny one.

Women are usually insecure about their body’s so make her feel sexy regardless, especially if you are really looking to score a big orgasm later that night. Learning how to make a woman orgasm is not hard at all, but if you don’t push these great emotional buttons, it will be much more difficult when you get to the bedroom.

Speaking Of Bedroom
Learning how to make a woman orgasm can be tedious, but is rewarding. When you are finally in the bedroom, we are not going to speed anything up unless this is what she wants. You need to relax and have her nice and comfortable, ease her mind. It may even help to give her a nice hot message to really relax her. Talk to her and make her open up to you about her fantasies. Touch her all over her body and pay attention to her reactions.

Kiss and caress her entire body, find sensitive spots that make her react. Kiss her and make her truly believe that you are there fully to please her. She will be all yours when you portray this. Don’t rush things, that is a big turnoff and the mood will be numbed down. Especially if you run down to her vagina. Kiss her body and gradually ease your way around her, kissing thighs, legs, abs and all. Make sure not to forget foreplay! Like I’ve said before, make her feel sexy.

When performing oral sex, please her slowly, don’t do the motor boat in one spot the whole night. Pay attention to her breathing and body language. When you find a spot that she likes, stay there for a little while and see how she likes it. Don’t be afraid to lick her whole vaginal area, she will love it. Lick her clitoris without going haywire and making her uncomfortable,  this can numb the mood easily. You can surely succeed in making a woman climax just in that stage alone as long as she is relaxed calm and into you. Stimulate her emotions.

A lot of women react different during intercourse, some orgasm through vaginal penetration and some don’t, that is just the way it goes. This is why when you are inside her, you should stimulate the clitoris, but not too much because this is a very sensitive area and can be uncomfortable at times. Make sure to pay attention to her. Try different angles and positions to keep the mood hot and sizzling. Make sure you are there for her and you will be satisfied and rewarded.

It is not rocket science and is very achievable to learn how to make a woman orgasm. The confidence that you have knowing that you can please a woman is priceless. This is a great and beautiful thing. Try it out and see how it works for you and soon enough you will know how to make a woman orgasm.


How To Give A Woman An Orgasm – What Some Dudes Might Not Know

Teach yourself the essentials for pleasing women, and giving yourself ultimate confidence which will stay by your side forever. Here are some key essentials for learning how to give a woman an orgasm. These are tried and true methods for stimulating her mind. Remember that we all need to be comfortable physically, but more importantly mentally.

Why not learn how to give a woman an orgasm? I am pretty sure you and your girl will appreciate it. Now I must admit that pleasing a female is simple, but NOT EASY! If yo want to please her the right way you would need to embed certain facts in your head. Females notice everything, they are much smarter than you think, they are more emotionally driven. Given those facts, lets get started.

Learning about females is a beautiful thing an can become a great asset for pleasing them, or even just hanging out with friends. In this case learning how to give a woman an orgasm is our main focus. First thing I want you to remember is that the mind is the most important part of a female orgasm. The physical feeling is second. Think about it, if anyone masturbates, they think of fantasies and different scenarios not what shape and color tiles are in the bathroom!

Pay Attention Early in the Day
During the day is when you are “planting a seed.” This is when you are going to stimulate her mind and show her you know how to give a woman an orgasm, she will really begin to want you soon enough. Everyone thinks that the bedroom is when the sparks fly. This is true to an extent because if you give her an extreme emotional ride throughout the day, the sex will be ten times better. Make her feel special, and rid her of those insecurities. Make her laugh and feel comfortable enough to talk to her. Seduce her and tell her about fantasies that you would want her to be a part of. Let her know how you feel without getting offensive. You can easily tell how a woman feels by her body language, reactions, language, and tone. She needs that security to believe that you will be there for her. This is how masculinity plays a major role. Be confident, but not cocky. No one like someone who thinks they are cooler than the people around them. Play it cool!

Action In The Bed
This is where the emotional ride has the best affect. You did all that work during the day, now she wants you. Make sure she knows that she is important. Touch her all over her body, kiss and caress her without going insane. Females believe that sex is more than sex, it is an amazing lovemaking experience. This being said, she needs that assurance. If you telegraph that you are there to please her she will have a great orgasm. Do Not Skip The Foreplay! If your task was done correctly during the early hours, this should be a great part of your plan.

As you continue to touch and kiss her body, pay attention to her body language. Find out what she likes, and where she likes to be touched (her sweet spots). This is key for learning how to give a woman an orgasm. Don’t rush into the oral sex, ease into it and please the entire vaginal area. Do not simple munch on the clitoris. The clitoris is a very sensitive area and can be unpleasant if you simply jump straight to it. If you have her nice and excited then you should be able to lick the clitoris with no problems. She might even start to pull your head in towards her. This is where she wants you to go and stay for the moment for maximum pleasure. Don’t forget about the body language, her breathing and voice. You will absolutely be able to give her an orgasm this way. Take your time and your shall achieve success

Lots of women do not have orgasms through vaginal intercourse, this is why you should also stimulate the clitoris when inside her. Try different positions and angles to keep the fire hot. Take Control and show her you know how to give a woman an orgasm. Women love to know you are in control and let them know where you want them to go. Don’t too aggressive though, you might actually hurt or scare some. This is why i stress the importance of getting to know what they want and like by paying attention to them in depth.

Learning how to give a woman an orgasm can be a frustrating task, but remember everyone is different and has different ways to climax. Different triggers, spots, preferences, so just get to know them. The mind is a powerful aspect to achieving success, don’t forget it.

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How To Give A Woman An Orgasm – Message Therapy

If you have ever wondered how to give a woman an orgasm, then I want to let you in on one technique that can definitely increase the chances of her having one. Have you ever heard of massage therapy? Well if you haven’t then you should learn. Easing your way into her mind and body is a surefire way to get her in a great state of mind for amazing orgasms.

Get Comfortable With Her
When learning how to give a woman an orgasm, make her comfortable with you. A sure way to get her comfortable is to give her weekly massages. Use grape-seed oil, which is good for the skin (vitamin E), and tell her you have a treat for her. Massage her whole body, easing out stress points. Talk to her and make her feel special, as if you were meant to please her. If you massage her once to twice a week, she will be extremely comfortable with you in a mental and physical way. Tell her how beautiful she is and rid her of her insecurities. if she even lets you touch her then you are on good terms here.

Out On A Date
When you proceed on a date, this is where you need to start the mental seduction. Talk to her about fantasies, and different scenarios where you would want her to be involved. Females notice just about everything, so if you show her that you want her and are interested in pleasing her the right way, then you should be on your way to success with an orgasm in mind. You have to understand that the mind is most important when attaining an orgasm, and she has to be relaxed and in a certain mood in order to climax. When people masturbate, they think about fantasies and scenarios, not what color tiles are in the bathroom. If you want to learn how to give a woman an orgasm, you must understand these points.

Learn How To Give A Woman An Orgasm In The Bed Room
You want to make sure that she is ready for you even before you get to the bed, because this will dramatically increase your chances of giving her a mind blowing orgasm. Do Not Skip Foreplay! This is essential when attempting to give a woman an orgasm. Touch and kiss her body, to find sensitive spots that she will love. Pay close attention to her breathing and body language, and when she gives you a sure signal, stay there for a little while. Do not rush things. The worst thing you can do is rush a female orgasm, because it will never happen and you will climax way before she thinks about it. When you rush things, she believes that you don’t care about pleasing her and you simply want to please yourself. She needs that reassurance that you want her, am attracted to her and want to please her.

Females often believe that sex is not simply sex, but a lovemaking experience. This is essential to understand if you truly want to learn how to give a  woman an orgasm. This being said, make her remember you. Also, don’t rush or get to aggressive during oral sex. This can either make you or break you! Take things slow and please the entire vaginal area, not only the clitoris. All women are different, respond different, and take time to reach orgasm. This is why you need to pay attention to her.

During vaginal intercourse, don’t be extremely aggressive unless she gives you the green light, but remember she is a lady and need to be treated gentle at times. There are lots of women that also need clitoral stimulation in order to climax. Try different angles and positions to keep the fire going and hot. Be an alpha male and tell her where you want her to go, they love a man in charge.

If you want to learn how to give a woman an orgasm, follow these steps and I’m sure you will not regret it. Not all girls are the same and you need to adapt to them for the best results. Empathize and feel them out to fully understand their needs. Try new things, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, that is usually where you make the most progress in everything and anything you do.

How To Make A Woman Orgasm – What Guys Just Don’t Know

Some guys just don’t know what to look out for when a girl is paying attention. This is why I need to give my knowledge and hope some people understand.

There are so many men out there that truly believe they know how to give a woman an orgasm, but those same guys find out that their females were faking it. This should definitely not be a problem amongst men. A lot of men think that it is less masculine to focus on pleasuring a female, but then again there are a ton of men who are infatuated with the subject. Make up your mind! Regardless, learning how to give a woman an orgasm is a great and wonderful task. You will not regret it one bit, but there are things you need to focus on when attempting this.

There are two things I emphasize when trying to satisfy a woman. Pay attention to emotion, and eventually in the bed, her physical. A lot of guys tend to forget about the emotion that plays when a female tries to have an orgasm. They just blow right by it and get to the penetration, and then wonder why she was not pleased.

Pay Attention = Emotional State Of Mind
When anyone masturbates, they think about different scenarios and fantasies, not what kind of tiles are in their bathroom. Emotion plays an extreme role in a females orgasm. The thing about it is, you need to spark her emotions way before you even enter the bedroom. This can occur at the dinner table or during a nice walk through the park. Show her that you are interested, tell her how you feel about her without offending her. Talk about fantasies, and what you would possibly want to involve her in or try. Tell her she is beautiful and that you want her, seduce her with your words. This is obviously not on the first date! Give her a good emotional ride throughout the day. Your main goal is to stimulate her mind. Confidence is key, but not cockyness!

Lots of women are very self conscience about their bodies, and other aspects of themselves. Make them feel comfortable and be sure to pay attention to their body language and reactions. You should be able to tell if a female is attracted to you, comfortable around you, and even want you.

In The Bed Don’t Forget
When you are about to hit the sack, you by now you should both want it because of all the talking and stimulating both of you were doing. When initiating, DON’T FORGET FOREPLAY! This is a crucial part of learning how to give a woman an orgasm. Lots of guys rush into things which will only lead to failure. Rile her up by touching and massaging her whole body, make her feel wanted and that you are there to please her. Kiss and touch her lightly and pay attention to her reactions to know where she likes to be touched.

Find her sensitive spots and remember them. Finally get to the oral stimulation and don’t go haywire there as well. Lick the entire vagina and include the clitoris from time to time. Usually the clitoris is a sensitive area, but if she is riled up the way she should be, then you should have no problem licking her to ecstasy. Once Again pay attention to her body language and figure out what she likes until she climaxes.

During vaginal intercourse make sure to focus on her, make her feel special. Studies show that lots of women do not have vaginal orgasms, but have them by stimulating the clitoris. Rub her clitoris for maximum stimulation, but once again be gentle. While you are stoking, experiment with different angles and positions. Don’t be a dead fish out there!

Lead, do not be a follower in the bed. The masculinity will diminish in her mind if you ask her what to do next. Take control of the situation and don’t be afraid to let her know where you want her to go, but you should ask her if she likes it to make sure she knows you are paying attention.

Like i said earlier, don’t rush. Females usually don’t just think of sex as sex, but a lovemaking experience. If you exhibit and telegraph interest, and show her you want to please her, she will want more and feel comfortable enough to have an orgasm. Don’t be afraid, just be confident and it will follow through.

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Overlook The Start To Orgasmic Stability

It may be frustrating when you haven’t been able to satisfy women. I understand how it feels because I too had a very hard time learning how to give a girl an orgasm. You know what, after years of practice and learning, I actually found out the foundations of how to make a woman cum. It is actually not rocket science, but you do need to actually do something in order to make it work.

Learning how to give a woman an orgasm requires time and comfort. There should be no rush when attempting what you have failed at many times before. If you decide to rush it, then you will fail once again. In the posts to come is will give more info on how to make women orgasm. Until then happy trails!